• The Good Flock

    The Good Flock

    The Good Flock is committed to designing and creating artisanal goods with minimal impact on the natural world. By using wholesome materials – and only what is needed – they keep more of our Earth alive and beautiful for all to enjoy.

    The Good Flock gathers its resources from living trees, plants, animals, or ecosystems that have been grown or raised responsibly and have the ability to regenerate themselves. And all Good Flock products are manufactured responsibly, relying on the talents of real craftspeople – artists who use their own two hands.

    The Good Flock: Sustainable goods, created with a conscience.

  • House of Castellon

    House of Castellon – Portland, OR USA

    Inspired by 1920s craft and industry, our collection blends simple patterns and bold color to create beautiful, distinctive items you will enjoy for generations. From our bed coverlets to our handbags, pure wool meets modern design in every piece we create. And because we believe lasting traditions begin at home, we design, knit, and sew everything we make right here in Portland, Oregon.

    From our home to yours, for generations.


  • Rejuvination Sunday Emporium

    Sunday Emporium at Rejuvination

      Quite the locally-made story here at the monthy #sundayemporium here in Portland. This month, the amazing crew at Portland Flea teamed up with nationally renowned, classic American home goods maker Rejuvenation. Walking through the store on any given day is a treat in itself, yet today the locally-made story was even more amplified with the addition […]

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  • A-Made Raises a Glass to North Drinkware

    Raise a glass to North Drinkware…

    We’re both proud and impressed at the success of Portland-based North Drinkware’s Kickstarter campaign.  Just 5 hours and 15 minutes after going live, they met their goal… and continue to receive pledges!  This puts them well on their way to production of their Oregon Pint, a Portland-made, custom-blown 16 oz. glass that has Mt. Hood […]

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    A-Made Visits Orox

    A chat with generations of A-Makers: A visit to the Orox Leather Company, based in Portland’s Chinatown We stepped inside the Orox Leather store and workshop on another rainy day in PDX to find a story that was unexpected. We were greeted by Levi, who runs the counter at the store, clad in full leather-master workshop […]

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